Rev. Becca Stevens to Visit Northwest Arkansas

Magdalene Serenity House is thrilled that Rev. Becca Stevens was selected to be the commencement speaker at University of Arkansas’ graduation ceremonies this week! Rev. Stevens is founder and president of Magdalene Thistle Farms in Nashville, TN, which is the inspiration off of which Magdalene Serenity House is modeled.

Rev. Stevens and her organization employ 50 residents and graduates of the Magdalene Thistle Farms program. There are 30 sister organizations in the growing national network of Magdalene homes, and the Global Market of Thistle Farms helps keep 1,500 women employed worldwide. Her vision for and leadership of Magdalene Thistle Farms has created a ripple effect of healing and growth for women in recovery from sexual exploitation, as well as for communities across the nation. She has become a force for change and an inspiration to many, and it's no wonder to those who've met her that she was chosen for the honor of commencement speaker.

We have the pleasure of welcoming Rev. Stevens to Magdalene Serenity House to a family-friendly reception and tour of the home when she arrives on Friday, May 12th. Email us at for details of the reception. We’d love to see you there!