LoveHeals is in the Air

Spring is a time for love and new beginnings, so it’s no wonder that many couples choose spring wedding dates - it’s the tried and true classic time to express love by exchanging vows. Wedding gifts are the traditional way families and friends acknowledge those vows; they help set young couples up who are just starting out. But what about couples who get married a little later in life? What do engaged couples do when they already have everything they need?

A Fayetteville couple recently provided the perfect solution to this conundrum in honor of their own nuptials: Donate to Magdalene Serenity House in lieu of gifts. The couple, who married in February, asked their loved ones to donate to Magdalene Serenity House instead of giving them gifts. This generous request garnered over $7,500 in donations and many, many thanks from Magdalene Serenity House. Donations like these help pay operating costs, as well as capital costs on the remodel of Magdalene house.

Magdalene Serenity House relies wholly on donors to accomplish our mission. If you already have everything you need and plan to get married – or simply have a birthday coming up – consider a donation to Magdalene Serenity House in lieu of gifts. Donations may be given directly through our website or via check sent to our post office box. It’s easy. It’s effective. It’s a fantastic way to be involved!