Crowdfunding Campaign

Magdalene Serenity House is excited to launch our Crowdfunding Campaign, where YOUR donation will make an impact in the lives of victims of sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, and addiction. Visit our donation page here and see ways your donation could make a difference.

“Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery that occurs in every state, including Arkansas.” This shocking quote from is sadly true. By September of 2016 alone, the hotline had received 106 trafficking calls for Arkansas and of those calls, forty became actual cases. This rate of over 4 cases per month is low considering it only includes those initiated through this hotline. But what exactly happens with these trafficking cases? Do the victims receive help? Or are the statistics simply tracked?  

Fortunately the cases go beyond mere statistics. Like many investigations, some of them can’t be substantiated but they go on record in case new evidence surfaces. Some cases are resolved, and some victims receive help. The nature and quality of this help is improving thanks to a growing awareness of trafficking, but there are more women whose lives we can help reclaim today. Magdalene Serenity House was created for that very purpose.

Magdalene Serenity House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to provide a community of healing for women survivors of sexual exploitation, abuse, incarceration and addiction as they move toward a life that is spiritually rich, economically self-sufficient, emotionally full, and drug free. We were launched by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Fayetteville but we are an independent, non-partisan program that offers sanctuary to women survivors in Arkansas.

We invite you to be part of Magdalene Serenity House by contributing to its future. There are many ways your donations will benefit its future residents. Whether you donate $10 or $250, your contributions will help the Magdalene Serenity House residents by providing a warm home with a roof over their heads, counseling, continuing education and job skills development.