Grace in Motion

Grace in Motion

When you think of God’s grace, does a specific person come to mind as an example of that grace? Perhaps it’s a minister, community leader, or survivor? A doctor, advocate, or child?

When we think of God’s grace, we picture the doers, movers, and shakers among us. The Magdalene Serenity House family is filled with such inspirations, people not only speaking about God’s grace, but leaning into it, allowing their actions to flow from that place of Grace. To us, they represent God’s grace in motion.

We’re told “the Universe cannot respond to inaction” and “faith without works is dead,” and we agree. Healing is hard work. It requires willingness and action. We must walk towards our goals, rather than away from our pasts, even when the road is steep, even when our steps are shaky.

When we move with intention towards love and healing, we avail ourselves to God’s abundant grace and see it at work in our lives.

To us, leaning into grace means getting our hands dirty, doing the tough soul work that change and progress require, and allowing our actions to do our speaking, just as our teachers and leaders have modeled for us.

What does God’s grace mean to you? Where do you see grace in motion?